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Your Passport to Success.

Euroexam International is a suite of accredited English and German language exams based on the CEFR 'can do' scales, which assesses candidates' ability to communicate. Euroexam delivers exams at 5 levels in General English, 3 levels in Vocational English as well as 4 levels in General German.

Over 150,000 students have taken a Euroexam. And each year tens of thousands more achieve educational success with Euroexam in 18 countries in Europe and beyond. Euroexam holds 7 scheduled exam sittings annually in Central and Eastern Europe, 3 scheduled sittings in Russia and delivers ON-DEMAND sittings via a network of 85+ Local Test Centres. Euroexam's main offices are in London and Budapest.

Euroexam provides extensive support for candidates in the form of free of charge practice materials, online preparation courses and the Eurocity preparation course books at A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels. Furthermore, Euroexam organises extensive teacher training courses and support, all of which adds up to ensure that Euroexam candidates are best prepared to succeed.

Start Now. Whether you wish to study or work abroad, a Euroexam certificate is your passport to success.


We believe that an ability to communicate is more important than a theoretical knowledge of the systems of language.

Launched in 2001, the same year as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR – read more) was published, Euroexam is the first exam board anywhere to have provided tests directly based on the CEFR scales. Euroexam promotes quality in language teaching and the development of new initiatives by working together with partner organisations in Europe and beyond in organising training courses, publishing test and training materials and in delivering standardised assessment tools for the communicative classroom.