2018 Eaquals Conference

The 2018 Eaquals conference was held in Prague and brought together language teaching professionals from across the globe. Eaquals has developed quality standards for language teaching and through a network of examiners provides quality assurance and accreditation for language schools in 37 countries.

Euroexam International has become a familiar feature in the Eaquals conference exhibition. As a member of Eaquals, Euroexam International fully supports the primary aim of providing excellence in language education across the globe. “A fundamental feature of the Euroexams is to ensure a positive washback effect on teaching and the Eaquals annual conference is an excellent opportunity to promote this primary educational value of the Euroexams” said Business Development Director, Tim Bender.

Euroexam International is a regular conference presenter as the Eaquals conference is great a forum to share experience, new methodological insights and the results of research. Kristof Hegedus, Euroexam International’s Director of Academic Development, led a workshop focused on results of Euroexam International research into the effectiveness of the checklist approach to marking writing papers. “The preliminary results of our research are very encouraging. They show that using the checklist method improves consistency and accuracy in rating writing exams, which adds to the reliability of exam results” he said.