Past, Present and Future


In 2001, after 20 years of research the Council of Europe published the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Learning a language was no longer just about how many words to learn, and how much grammar to practice, but much more about real-life, everyday use of English, German, French, Russian… It was against this far-reaching European initiative that Euroexam International was founded.

By the end of 2001 Euroexam had created the first ever suite of State Accredited exams based directly on the CEFR. These new tests reflected the Framework’s practical approach, using authentic materials to write challenging and enjoyable exam tasks that reflect real, everyday situations.

Our Mission

.. is to provide reliable and fair exams that not only test students’ ability to communicate, but also give a positive and motivating goal for students and their teachers to work towards. 

We believe that an ability to communicate is more important than a theoretical knowledge of the systems of language.

As such, we take special care to design tests which have a positive washback effect on teaching. Euroexam International works with a wide network of testing centres and partner organisations in Europe and beyond in organising training courses, publishing test and training materials and in delivering standardised assessment tools for the communicative classroom.

Our Future

Euroexam International is growing fast. 

Each year tens of thousands of students from our Central European heartland already look forward to the chance to demonstrate their language skills in fair, motivating and challenging exams. In 2015 Euroexam International held it first exams in Russia and our network of test centres is continually growing throughout Europe. 

And each year more of our candidates use their Euroexam certificates as proof of their communicative skills in English when starting in higher education or work. We are working hard to expand the opportunities Euroexam provides them and look forward to helping more students from all corners of Europe and beyond achieve their dreams.