Training services

At Euroexam International, we design examinations which promote and assess real-world communicative skills. We believe that for most everyday users of foreign languages the ability to communicate is more important than a theoretical knowledge of the systems of language.

We take special care to design tests which have a positive washback effect on teaching. We believe that the Euroexams help to promote a task-oriented view of language learning, and thereby encourage higher quality teaching by requiring teachers to use a communicative syllabus with clearly stated targets. 

In 2002, Euroexam International established a teacher training department, which undertook the training of examiners and of teachers preparing their students for the Euroexams. Since then, 450 examiners have been trained, and over 500 have participated in accredited teacher training courses. Euroexam International also offers workshops and short training courses on the background and practical aspects of the CEFR for teachers of English, German and other languages.

Euroexam International offers the following regular face to face training opportunities from its administrative base in Budapest, Hungary as well as travelling to local test centres to provide training where required:  

  • Euro Teacher Training course (30 hours) – we recommend this course to teachers who wish to gain more of an insider’s view of the Euroexams and share and learn about some useful preparation ideas
  • Oral Examiner Training (30 hours) – we recommend this course to teachers who wish to be trained up as official examiners (both interlocutor and assessor) for Euroexam International.

In addition, Euroexam International provides the following popular online training:

Webinars that focus on specific exam skills (2 hours each):

  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening & Reading
  • Webinars on effective dictionary use in learning and during the exam (2 hours)
  • Webinars that offer practical ideas for preparing students for the Euroexam (2 hours)

Euroexam International promotes quality in language teaching and the development of new initiatives by working together with a wide network of testing centres and partner organisations in Europe and beyond in organising training courses, publishing test and training materials and in delivering standardised assessment tools for the communicative classroom.

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