Accreditation by the ICC

The Euroexam suite of English tests has been accredited by the ICC - the international language association.

Test takers, educational institutions and employers attach great value to third-party, external approval of the testing products and services they use by trustworthy and internationally-recognised accreditors.

This independent review considered the processes and quality assurance systems that are in place at our Test Production Centre and also provided an analysis of the appropriacy and quality of the Euroexam tests from level A1 to C1.

According to the conclusion of the review report:

“This suite of examinations represents a professionally constructed and consistently well-designed system. The attention to detail in many parts of the guidelines is impressive and shows a practical understanding of the requirements of item writers as well as an understanding of due process in the construction and delivery of examinations. In terms of face validity, construct validity and apparent consistency of level in item production, the examination suite achieves its objectives.”

We are proud to have a gained such a prestigious organisation’s seal of approval.