All UK universities in a day? | Euroexam

All UK universities in a day?

Why not? That’s what go2uni is for.

Are you planning to apply to a UK university?
Euroexam's go2uni programme prepares and takes you to UCAS Exhibitions in London, Cambridge and other university towns, where you'll obtain first-hand information and meet representatives of all the universities in the UK.

For a taste here is the full programme for a typical UCAS Exhibition (this one was held at Anglia Ruskin University's Cambridge Campus on 21st June 2017)

During the programme, you'll ...

  • receive clear guidance of the whole application and admission process,
  • meet many international students, and find out about their own personal experience of studying at University.

We'll ...

  • help you to identify and select the most appropriate courses for you,
  • help you plan your busy programme for the one-day Exhibition trip (the ‘UCAS Schedule’),
  • provide language practice opportunities upfront to prepare you to ask the right questions during the Exhibition,
  • arrange travel.

The go2uni programme is for you if you…

  • are finishing your secondary studies in 2018 or 2019 
  • are planning to study at a UK university
  • want to collect as much information as possible to make the right decisions with your parents
  • have one full day for this trip and a few extra preparation hours before.

Participation fee:

EUR 129.00 + flight ticket

This fee includes:

  • 6 free special language preparation classes in small groups
  • a preparation workshop before the trip
  • the preparation of a ‘UCAS schedule’ with individual consultation opportunities
  • a group visit to a UCAS Exhibition
  • a visit to the university campus hosting the Exhibition
  • airport transfer to and from the venue
  • group escort
  • travel insurance
  • feedback consultation.

For more detail on registration, please contact us  >> here.

What is the UCAS Exhibition, and why should you be there?

In short: to be able to process the incredible amount of information you will encounter. 

UCAS (Universities & Colleges Admissions Service) is the official provider of all data and information concerning the UK’s higher education system. It provides information about every single course, about the open days of the institutions, about everything applicants need to know to apply to university. Simultaneously, UCAS processes all electronic applications and co-ordinates the whole admission process. Even if you manage to get all the necessary information online, nothing beats meeting the student and staff representatives of all the institutions!

This is what UCAS Exhibitions are about. Every UK higher education institution is represented at every exhibition. So this means you meet their representatives in person and can ask them your most burning questions, and you'll also hear very practical presentations and take part in small group discussions.

For more detail on registration, please contact us  >> here.