Hosting Euroexam

Euroexam has over 15 years' experience of holding exams both managed directly and via its network of Local Test Centres. Our procedures are well established and have been designed to provide candidates the fair conditions necessary for them to succeed in the exam. The following is a summary of the practical considerations involved in hosting Euroexams. 


Exam Duration: 3-3 1/2 hours depending on the level.

  • 9.00. The invigilator prepares the room.
  • 9.30. Candidates arrive. Identity Check
  • 10.00. Written tests starts. Three written tests with breaks
  • 12-12.30. Written tests finish.
  • 13.00. Spoken tests start. 15-20 minutes per pair of candidates


Local Test Centre facilities and equipment requirements:

  1. A quiet room suitable for an exam containing individual desks - a typical classroom. 
  2. Equipment to play audio files - for the listening test. e.g. CD player, laptop etc.
  3. Equipment to record - for the speaking test. e.g. a dictaphone, laptop, etc
  4. Blackboard/Whiteboard or flip chart and pen - for the invigilator to write start times
  5. Clock - positioned on the front wall so all candidates can see it.


Roles and Reponsibilities.

  Local Testing Centre (LTC) Euroexam International (EI)
Marketing, promotion of the exam -

EI will actively promote Euroexam tests through its marketing and communication channels.

Customer service and exam bookings. -

EI will manage all candidate queries and exam registrations including identity verification, cancellations.

Setting the date of the exam Where feasible LTCs should inform EI of their available dates to hold an exam. 

Before any date is set with a candidate, EI will confirm the date and time with the LTC at least 4 weeks in advance.

Financial issues –

Exam fees and Hosting fees.


EI will manage all exam fees, payments and receipts. All LTC hosting fees due will set out in a frame contract between the LTC and EI.

The delivery and acceptance of all exam material. – reading, writing, listening & speaking Only authorised staff members may accept the exam materials. 

EI will send all exam materials by secure courier in time for the exam to the LTC which will include instructions defining handling and security procedures.

Initial and annual training for people (invigilators and interlocutors) at the LTC Interlocutors must be qualified English teachers.

EI to provide initial full training of EI exam procedures, invigilation and interlocutor role. EI will provide training at any time for new members of staff at the LTC. Refresher training will be held on an annual basis.

The Invigilator Role

Administrative & organisational tasks on the exam day.

The Invigilator receives exam material, arranges exam room, calls in students, checks identities, hands out written exam papers, invigilates candidates during the written and spoken exams. The invigilator is responsible for the security of the completed exams. The LTC's nominated staff member returns the completed exams and the exam question papers to EI.


The Interlocutor Role

Running the Speaking test.

The Interlocutor (an appointed and trained English language teacher) runs the Speaking test and acts as the communicative partner if neccesary.

Marking - EI marks the completed exam papers and informs the candidate and the LTC of the result at the latest 4 weeks after the exam.
Issuing and sending exam certificates -

EI sends the exam certificate to the successful candidate by post.