Writing tips for Euroexam Level A1

In the Writing Test of the Written Exam, you must do 2 tasks in 20 minutes (5 minutes for Task 1 and 15 minutes for Task 2). During this test you can use a printed dictionary.

Task 1 – Form Filling

In this task you get a form with 10 questions. For each question your answer can be maximum 2 words. 

Tips for Task 1

  • Use your dictionary to check words you don't understand in the questions.

  • When preparing for the Writing Test, check webpages which help you to fill forms with few words (see Practice materials for Task 1 below).

  • Make similar forms in English for your friends and relatives. They will fill them in, and then you will be the examiner who checks their answer.

Practice materials for Task 1

Task 2 – Picture Story

You will write a short story of about 50 words from four pictures about a simple situation. We give you a starting sentence which shows you that you can write the story in past tense.

Tips for Task 2

  • First look at the 4 pictures and quickly try to understand what the story is about. Then look at the starting sentence (e.g. 'One Sunday morning Ken got up early...'). In about one minute, "tell yourself the story" without saying anything aloud, either in your mother tongue or in English. Not in full sentences but try to "say" something about each picture. After this short "talking-to-yourself", you can write a better story.

  • Try to tell the story in the past tense (e.g. 'Then they had  lunch in the forest...'), but at A1 level, if you mix the story in the past with descriptions of the picture (e.g. 'This forest is very green with a lot of trees and flowers...'), it is fine. 

  • For story telling, it is very important to use linking words (e.g. 'then', 'after that', 'because' etc.) to connect your sentences, ideas and parts of the story.

  • When you describe a picture, you can show how big your vocabulary is. You may use a printed dictionary here too, but the 15 minutes for this task is very short, you cannot really write a story and look for a lot of words in the dictionary in that time limit. 

Good luck in your exam