Writing tips for Euroexam Level A2

In the Writing Test of the Written Exam, you will do 2 tasks in 30 minutes. During the whole test you can use a printed dictionary. 

Task 1 – Form Filling

You must fill in a form with six questions. The first three questions need only one word for an answer. The other three questions ask for 10-15 words.

Tips and Ideas for Task 1

  • Read each question very carefully before writing anything. You can underline the keyword(s) to make sure you know what to write.

  • For the sentence answers make sure you put in the important information (e.g. 'I like eating vegetables and fruits and only chicken, but no red meat.' or 'Last weekend I went to the cinema with my best friend...').

  • In the sentence answers, use simple present or simple past sentences.

  • Before you start Task 2, check your work.

Task 2 – Message Writing

Here you can choose either a postcard or an email. Write  about 50 words. 

Tips and Ideas for Task 2

  • After you have chosen your task, spend two minutes writing a few notes for yourself: the information you would like to include in keywords only. 

  • If you plan, it is easier to write.

  • Don't count the words you have written. Just write about 50 words.

  • You can write short forms; e.g.'She’s', 'can’t', 'didn’t' etc. The reader of your writing in these texts is always somebody you know or know well.

Good luck in your exam