Writing tips for Euroexam Level B1

The Writing Test in the Written Exam at B1 level has 2 tasks, and you have 50 minutes to write both texts.

Task 1 - Form Filling (recommended time: 20 minutes)

You fill in a form (e.g. about preferred type of accommodation for a language course, language learning background etc.).  For questions 1-4, you can answer with one single word or with a short phrase, while questions 5-8 need longer answers, 15-20 words each.

Tips and Ideas for Task 1

  • For questions 1-4, underline the important words to make sure you include the right information. 

  • For the 15-20-word long sentences for questions 5-8, make sure you are answering the question (e.g. about your eating habits, learning practices etc.).

  • If you write a longer answer for any of questions 5-8, use linking words and phrases (e.g. 'as a result', 'at the same time' etc.)

Task 2 - Discursive Writing (recommended time: 30 minutes)

You choose one of two tasks: an email or a postcard. In both cases you are writing to someone you know well. You can use informal English.

Tips and Ideas for Task 2

  • Before you write, spend a couple of minutes planning your answer.

  • Even short emails or postcads need to have paragraphs. Write your answer in three or four paragraphs.

  • Start your email by saying why you are writing; e.g. to invite someone to an event, to apologise for something you've done, etc.

  • In the next one or max. two paragraphs - this longer part is also called the body of the email -, you will offer some details, explanations or reasons.

  • In the last paragraph, look forward: e.g. express hope that you meet soon, fix the planned meeting place and time or ask for an urgent phone call to fix something.

  • End by saying goodbye to your reader.

  • Use short forms: e.g. 'can't', 'I've' or 'hasn't'

  •  You are writing to someone you know well.

  • Write 80-100 words. Don't count your words. a little more or less is not a problem.

  • Save a couple of minutes to check your work.


Good luck in your exam