Practise your grammar basics

Euroexam focuses on testing your communicative skills only; however, grammar and vocabulary also play a part in successful communication. Although there are thousands of grammar practice websites on the internet, what you can find here is a page featuring unique tasks specially designed for the grammar and vocabulary that you will find the most useful in an exam.

Each set below includes the same 3 task types, so have a look at the descriptions below to learn how each task type will help you develop your language skills.

In Task 1, you will hear a text on a given topic and your task is to write down certain details as accurately as possible. In other words, try to reproduce the text you hear in the recording (first the whole of it then in short chunks) as accurately and clearly as you can. It may look like a dictation task on the surface, but it is much more complex than that. You will succeed only if you are able to coordinate several elements of your English knowledge: listening skills, grammar (tenses, sentence formation), spelling, vocabulary (collocations). This task is a great warm-up activity before the real vocabulary and grammar tasks. 

In Task 2, you have to choose the word which is appropriate in the context, recognising collocations (words that always go together) if necessary. This helps you to practise guessing the meaning of a word from the context. When choosing a word, try to understand not only the text as a whole, but specific parts of the text as well.

In Task 3, you have to create a grammatically correct text by replacing the grammatical words (e.g. preposition, articles, pronouns, auxiliaries etc.) into the gaps in a text. You will have to use your reading skills here and you will learn how you can use your active grammatical knowledge to make a text clear and logical.

Now it's over to you. Pick the language level and type of exam that you are preparing for and do the 3 tasks. Good luck! 

General English - Level B1

1 – The Edinburgh Tattoo
2 – Two faces of a town
3 – The first female scientists

Question Paper Audio: The Edinburgh Tattoo
Answer Key    

Business and Professional English - Level B1

1 – Computers for children
2 – Home office
3 – The story of the euro

Question Paper Audio: Computers for children
Answer Key    

General English - Level B2

1 – A wedding ring
2 – The story of the ice-cream scone
3 – The joys of the Carnival of Rio

Question Paper Audio: A wedding ring
Answer Key    

Business and Professional English - Level B2

1 – Ethics in corporate life
2 – The story of a shoe factory
3 – Flatrate tax in Britain? No, thank you.

Question Paper

Audio: Ethics in corporate life

Answer Key    

General English - Level C1

1 – Who was Christopher Columbus?
2 – The annual rendezvous of migrating birds
3 – What makes soap operas so popular?


Question Paper Audio: Who was Christopher Columbus?
Answer Key    

Businesss and Professional English - Level C1

1 – Globetrotting
2 – To interview or not to interview
3 – The clash of global computer giants

Question Paper Audio: Globetrotting
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German - Level B1

1 – Ein teurer Einkauf
2 – Gesunde Lebensmittel
3 – Georg von Habsburg

Aufgabenblatt Audio: Ein teurer Einkauf

German - Level B2

1 – Pippi Langstrumpf
2 – Ohne Ticket wird es teu(r)er
3 – Partytrend aus England

Aufgabenblatt Audio: Pippi Langstrumpf

German - Level C1

1 – Nikolaus-Traditionen
2 – Guinness-Buch
3 – Autor werden − kostenlos per Mausklick

Aufgabenblatt Audio: Nikolaus-Traditionen