Register for the exam

 If you would like to take a Euroexam in the Russian Federation please visit the Euroexam in Russia website.

 If you would like to take an exam at one of Euroexam International's Local Testing Centres in Mexico, please visit our Mexico country page.

 For exams organised under the Hungarian State Accreditation scheme in Hungary and other Central European countries please go the Euroexam in Hungary website.

 If you would like to enquire about taking at a Euroexam Test Centre near you in any other country, please fill in and submit the Pre-Registration Form.

When we receive your enquiry we will email you details of where and when you will be able to take an exam and provide a registration form and details of payment. If you are unsure about which level exam you should take, we will advise you based on your objectives. We will not be able to determine your current level of language without you undergoing a formal assessment and recommend you arrange this with a trusted language school near you. Euroexam does provide many practice tools to help prepare you for the exam.

When you decide to take a Euroexam, you will need to complete and return the registration form and make the payment not less than 6 weeks before the exam date.

Good luck.