Taking a Euroexam: The basics

Identity Documents: At the time of registration, you will need to provide a scan of your valid photographic identity document that is issued by your country of origin or your current nationality. This can be a passport or a national identity document. The ID must be valid at the time the exam will be taken. You must bring the same ID that we accept at the time of registration with you to the exam itself to present to the exam adminstrator and invigilator.

Price: The cost of a Euroexam costs between 99 euro and 145 euro depending on which level exam you take and where you take it. All price details will be sent to you at the time of registration.

Accreditation: We are able to arrange for your Euroexam International certificate to be accredited in Hungary. The fee for this service is 45 euro.

Dictionaries: You are allowed to use a printed dictionary in every exam test EXCEPT while the listening materials are played when dictionaries are strictly forbidden. Neither Euroexam International nor any of its partner test centres will provide dictionaries.