Equality and Diversity

Euroexam believes that success in a fast changing business environment in the 21st century means it must value and raise to the highest achievable level all the skills, knowledge and commitment of its employees, its associates and partner organisations. Euroexam is committed to equality goals of bringing the most diverse range of experience and skill possible to the cauldron of its commercial endeavour.

Euroexam believes in the power of diversity. For employees, Euroexam positively encourages and supports contribution beyond the strict confines of job description. Euroexam respects and values who an individual is, their background or how they choose to identify themselves. As an employee, Euroexam is primarily focussed on merit which includes the metric of openness to team membership.

Euroexam will not tolerate discrimination based on any personal identifiers, ethnicity, race or background. Any bullying, harassment or victimisation within the organisation will be investigated and may lead to disciplinary procedures, including dismissal.

Writing Exams

In writing and producing exams, Euroexam promotes industry standards in exam material that ensures all candidates are able to respond to exam questions fairly based on linguistic merit alone and that candidates are not discriminated against based on their cultural, ethnic or economic background. Exam markers never know the name let alone background of any examinee as individual answer papers are only identifiable through coded labels.