Euroexam Security Procedures


Registration and data management

All personal data that the exam centre collects and stores about candidates is managed in the strictest confidentiality. Only authorised staff can access this information for exam management purposes.


Exam administration

Candidates must identify themselves with a state-issued photo ID (e.g. passport). Each candidate receives a set of unique barcode stickers, which they place on their answer sheets for identification during the anonymous marking process. Candidates must follow the Exam Regulations and failure to do so will result in the termination of the exam for the persons involved.


Test security and delivery

Apart from test production and marking, the delivery of the test materials is a vital part of the process to ensure that the exam is administered in a manner that is fair to all candidates. Test packs are delivered by secure post or courier and all exam centres are required to follow a stringent security policy. Secure storage facilities are subject to regular inspections by the Euro Examination Centre in each exam period.

The conduct of the exams is governed by a detailed set of standardised regulations. Our partners who provide exam locations are responsible for all related administrative tasks and providing appropriate facilities and the necessary personnel. Exam invigilators at all locations must successfully complete a training before they can be employed in this role.


Security during test development

Test development is governed by Euroexam’s relevant quality assurance guidelines with clearly-defined stages and appropriately trained participants. All tasks and other test items produced in the process are stored electronically on a secure server, access to which is limited to exam development staff and management. All staff involved in developing exams sign confidentiality agreements. Final approved exam materials are stored on a separate server with access limited only to production staff and management.


Exam marking

In order to maintain the highest possible level of professionalism in the assessment of candidates’ work, all written papers are returned to the Euroexam Centre and are then randomly allocated to markers. Each subjectively marked paper is assessed by two trained (standardised) markers, who score the papers separately (blind double marking in all cases).

A complete list of Euroexam's documented security procedures is available here.