Quality assurance

All Euroexam tests are based on the Common European Framework of Reference model of language use and its action-oriented approach to language learning and language use.

Euroexam’s language assessment specialists regularly participate in international projects organised by, among others, the Council of Europe and they present the findings of internal and collaborative research projects at academic conferences.

Our exams:

  • meet international standards in the field of language assessment and provide a consistently reliable assessment of candidates’ level of proficiency
  • undergo a rigorous process of quality checks, including pre-tests and reviews by expert judges
  • are fair to all candidates irrespective of their cultural background
  • are assessed by trained and standardised examiners and Speaking and Writing tests are always double-marked for consistency and reliability
  • are validated through a variety of methods, such as statistical test analyses and problem-specific task groups

Our systems ensure quality through:

  • the standardised design, development and delivery of our exams
  • the continual monitoring of test centres and their administrative processes
  • regular training and standardisation exercises for all our examiners
  • periodic reviews of our exams that take into account both recent research in the field and feedback from all stakeholders
  • stringent data management and exam security procedures

A detailed description of Euroexam quality processes is available here.