UK NARIC: Euroexams meet entry requirements for Universities.

UK NARIC is the UK Government’s designated national agency for the recognition and comparison of international examinations. By providing universities, employers and educational authorities independent advice and guidance on international qualifications in over 190 countries worldwide, UK NARIC plays an important role in the continuing internationalisation of the British economy.

'UK NARIC has established itself as an expert and leading voice in the recognition, understanding and evaluation of international qualifications'.

Universities especially depend on UK NARIC to be able to effectively assess applicants’ academic suitability to successfully study at degree level. For Euroexam International, UK NARIC was the natural choice when commissioning an in-depth evaluation focusing on the Euroexam Level C1 General English examination. The central goal of the study was to facilitate wider understanding of the Euroexams for the purposes of admission to higher education study.

From commissioning to completion, the evaluation took six months and examined all aspects of Euroexam International’s approach to developing and delivering language examinations from design, task writing and quality assurance, to exam delivery, marking and certification. UK NARIC experts visited the Euroexam administration headquarters where they interviewed key Euroexam personnel and monitored a live sitting of all four tests of the Euroexam Level C1 General English exam.

The final report of the UK NARIC Euroexam International evaluation which was published in August 2018 concluded ‘Euroexam International has established a robust and fit-for-purpose system of quality assurance and control’ to ensure consistency in exam development and delivery and that the Euroexam C1 Exam ‘meets the English language requirements for admission to English-medium higher education studies’.

'This is excellent news for the thousands of students wishing to undertake higher education studies in English', Tim Bender, Business Development Director of Euroexam International said. 'By benchmarking the Euroexam Level C1 General English test to CEFR C1, the UK NARIC study confirms that the Euroexams provide a robust and reliable assessment of a student’s English language proficiency'.

To read the executive summary of the UK NARIC report in full, click here.