Welcome to Euroexams

Our mission is to provide reliable and fair exams that not only test students’ ability to communicate, but also give a positive and motivating goal for students and their teachers to work towards.

The year 2001 was an important date for language teachers, students, schools and exams too. After 20 years of research the Council of Europe published a book called the Common European Framework. For the very first time, the Framework offered a unified system of levels and guidelines across languages. Learning a language was no longer just about how many words to learn, and how much grammar to practice, but much more about real-life, everyday use of English, German, French, Russian… It was against this exciting European initiative that Euroexam was founded.

By the end of 2001 Euroexam had created the first ever suite of exams based directly on the Framework as its foundation. The new tests reflected the Framework’s practical approach, using nothing but authentic materials in challenging and enjoyable tasks that all reflect real, everyday situations.

A reliable and fair exam is more than just good tests written by international experts. Euroexam’s exam writing processes and operational procedures are fully transparent, tested by the rigorous standards of the industry and secure. All written exam scripts are returned for marking by independent examiners in the UK and Euroexam’s regional centres in the EU. Speaking tests are recorded and transferred electronically for marking by our accredited oral examiners. Our team of native English speaking interlocutors and invigilators who supervise the examinations play no role in the marking or assessment process. This makes Euroexams fair, impartial, and secure.

Euroexam’s success is our candidate's success. Euroexam delivers what students, teachers, higher educational establishments and employers expect from language courses and exams today – it tests success in real communication. Now, each year tens of thousands of students look forward to the chance to demonstrate their language skills in fair, motivating and challenging exams.