Your passport to Europe

Do you want to hit the road?

Or do you simply want to follow your dreams at home? Whatever you want to do, wherever you imagine you will study or pursue a career, you will need both language and communication skills and the right qualifications.

Look no further. Euroexam International offers you both. Euroexam measures real-life skills, like your ability to write an application to a university, complain in a shop about a broken mobile phone, have a sophisticated conversation with foreign friends or quickly discern the relevant information from a newspaper article. The key to successful communication is how well you can express yourself and how much you comprehend.

That is why, in any level of Euroexam, you will find everyday situations, problems and communication needs, while the Assessment Criteria too reflect this practical, communicative approach. Accuracy is important, but we put greater emphasis on successful communication.

International Standards

As early as 2001, Euroexam adopted the Common European Framework (the standard for designing language courses, exams, as well as language tests all over Europe) as the foundation for its new suite of exams. Euroexam was the first international examination system for which the specification of levels, the exam tasks, the breakdown of certificate results, and even the coursebooks and preparation materials all directly corresponded to the new European standard detailed in the Framework.

Prepare with the Euroexam System

One of the main advantages of Euroexam is that you can prepare and test yourself with a range of exam preparation tools before the day of the exam. For example, you will find free of chargedownloadable practice exams and preparation tips for the Writing and Speaking tests. Euroexam is so much more than a language exam: The Euroexam system provides online preparation material, practice tests, course books and training for teachers. And it doesn't stop there. Every candidate's results add to our expansive research and continual analytical review ensuring the enduring quality of Euroexam and the second to none reliability of your result.

And as you are allowed to use any printed dictionary during each section of the exam, you may find useful a selection of extremely practical tips on how to use your dictionary - or dictionaries - effectively.

...and you will hit the road with an award-winning exam...

The Euroexam Centre has been twice awarded the European Committee’s prestigious European Language Label award. First in 2002 for the modern and practical approach of its newly developed exams and subsequently in 2011 for the innovative elearning exam preparation course.

So why wait? Start your Euroexam preparation today!